Extra Credit Options

EXTRA CREDIT IS GIVEN FOR WORK PREPARED ABOVE AND BEYOND NORMAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS.  It is not included in weekly progress information or recorded online during the nine weeks. It will be added into the scores before final averages are posted to report cards.  It will NOT be accepted during the last 10 days of a grading period in order to ensure that I have time to grade and include all points, so plan ahead and turn in your extra credit early!  Below I have listed some options for extra credit for both subject areas that I teach. The maximum number of points for each item is 10 and will be awarded based on the quality of your extra credit work.
Geography/Social Studies
  • Prepare a presentation for your classmates that includes audio visual support for a topic related to our subject.  This must be scheduled in advance and will be added to your project/presentation average.
  • Prepare a typed 350 word critical report that researches 2 sides of a current political topic or issue (local, state, national or international) - be sure to include MLA information about the sources you used for both sides of the topic).  Present both sides of the issue and then a conclusion that states your personal opinion about the issue and how it was changed or reinforced by the information you learned while researching the topic.  These points will be added to your test average before final grades.
  • Copy or cut out a newspaper or magazine article related to our social studies class - ancient civilizations, world cultures and world geography and current events.  Attach a 1 page written summary and personal response (remember the 3 questions -  What surprised you about this?  How does this relate to you and our class? and What do you predict might happen next/now/as a result of this? These points will be added to your quiz average before final grades.
  • Copy or cut out a political cartoon related to our subject area - write an explanation of the cartoon and its meaning.  These points will be added to your homework/classwork average before final grades.
Communication Skills
  • Extra artistic book presentations to your classmates may be scheduled in advance with the teacher - they will be added to your final project average before final grades.
  • Read extra AR points above your required goal.  These points are added directly to your test average before final grades.
  • Prepare a 250 word, size 12 font, typed critical review (remember this is not a summary) of a movie or book.  Be sure to include correct MLA format source information on the top of the report.  The points earned will be added to your quiz average.
  • Prepare a typed self assessment of your own participation in a local drama/theater production.  Attach some signed, brief comments from your director.  These points will be added to your homework/classwork section.
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