Practice Tips

How can a Student Practice Effectively?

1. Find a quiet place, away from television, radio, etc. that interruptions will be kept to a minimum.

2. Have a straight back chair, music stand and proper lighting in this practice area.

3. Work to schedule a daily practice routine of approximately 20 minutes.

4. Look up fingerings you do not know in your band book.

5. Circle your problem measures and name and finger the notes slowly over and over without playing. (air playing)

This process will help you establish the fingering patterns of a piece of music.

6. Using a metronome, play the problem measure slowly, gradually increasing the tempo(speed).

7. If counting problems persist, take time to figure the counting system syllables and count/clap the rhythms. If you can not count a rhythm, you can not play it with accuracy.

8. If you have a Tape Recorder, tape record your practice. The tape will tell you the truth about how you are doing. It will help you assess what you still need to improve.

9. Remember: How you practice is much more important that how much you practice.

Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance

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