PROJECT Expectations & Guidelines


Typed products should be in ARIAL font size 12.

Length: You are in sixth grade, more than halfway to seventh…please take care to produce things that are long enough to truly cover the material that was assigned.  This will vary depending on the topic, so I cannot establish an exact minimum.  Just remember: A third grader learns how to write good paragraphs, so by now, you should be able to write papers that are organized in well written multiple paragraph style (usually a MINIMUM of 3 distinct paragraphs made up of an introduction, body, and a conclusion or better…5 paragraphs, start with an introduction, body 1 about 1 thing, body 2, about your 2nd main point, and body 3, about another main point, followed by a conclusion paragraph)

Grammar: You are expected to use standard, professional grammar – not accepted or slang phrases or uses. THIS INCLUDES CORRECT SPELLING – remember that if you type in a homonym and spell it correctly, the spell check will NOT tell you it is wrong – so make sure you choose the spelling that matches the definition of what you mean!

1.  You may not copy and paste ANY online works for these projects, I expect you to read about the topics and to learn, then to retell the information in your own words to show me what you processed and learned.
2.  Include a source page, completed in MLA format.  You may use online bibliography generators to help with this (,, or links from the school media center are suggestions to help)

Presentation: Prepare and present your product with care and professionalism.  Neatness, color, and choosing materials – these things all reflect the care you put into your work.  Show me how much you care by how you present these product to me and the class.  Using recycled materials creatively and neatly is encouraged.  I do not require money be spent, only that care and effort be shown. Use what you have in careful and creative ways.

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